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Here you can find images and logos in print quality. All images can be used and modified for reporting on Brixels.

Transform your image in a LEGO mosaic Brixels LEGO mosaic - the perfect gift for your partnerLEGO portrait selfmade assemble lego portrais yourselfyour individual LEGO mosaicBrixels LEGO mosik - your personal artwokBrixels Logo Brixels Logo with claim

Following text proposals are being provided for downloading in order to report on brixels

You´re searching for a very personal gift for your beloved ones? Valentine´s Day, birthday, anniversary, marriage or christmas: A self-made artwork, which looks definitely great is the ideal gift for your partner for every celebration

Just upload your image at and you´re done. A designer creates a mosaic preview image out of your photo, which is being used for your mosaik blueprint, later on. With this blueprint you are able to assamble hundreds of lego bricks for your LEGO mosaic. If you like the previe image the bricks will be send to you coming along with the blueprint for building your personal LEGO portrait yourself. If you want to safe time Brixels offers to build it for you for an extra fee.

The gift consists of:

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Brixels - self-made LEGO mosaic Brixels - self-made LEGO mosaic Brixels - self-made LEGO mosaic Brixels - self-made LEGO mosaic

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